Have you been considering building an Android app recently? Then, you will certainly be aware of the challenges associated with developing a successful mobile application. With around 1.6 million apps out there in the Android app store, getting your application noticed can be a taxing job. Besides, given the fact that “mobile users will increase to 5.07 billion by 2019,” the number of apps is only going to increase with time. So, one must focus on the innovative Android app development ideas, as these development ideas can ensure long term success of your Android application.

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Below are some crucial factors that you must take into account when developing an Android app:

1. Perform in-depth analysis of the competiton

Before you initiate developing an app, you must first conduct a thorough market research and carry out an in-depth analysis of your competitors. Gaining knowledge about your competitors such as the strategies they’re following in promoting the app, or what people like or dislike about their product, etc. will help you in building a better product compared to your rivals. One best way to analyze your contenders is to search for reviews written by app users.


2. Get to know about your target audience

The success and failure of your app lie in the hand of your users. Needless to say, user’s won’t bother using an app that fails to meet their expectations. While you cannot ensure whether your application will become an instant hit among the target audience, at least you can plan on building something keeping in mind the needs of your audience. This increases the chances that your app is likely to get the much-needed attention of your users.


3. Become familiar with the Android design guidelines

Though, Android app store does not impose any strict rules and regulations in getting an app published unlike the strict Apple guidelines, yet you must always abide by the Android design guidelines as well to ensure building a quality app. Moreover, adhering to the standard guidelines will help approve your app to be published on the app store quickly. This will further increase the chances of your app to be listed among the other top rated applications.


4. Build an app on the latest version

New Android OS versions keep on releasing quite frequently. And, the new generation users (ideally youngsters) usually download the apps that run on the latest version of the Android platform. And so, you must create a mobile application that is compatible with the recent Android version and must also support older versions as well. As you may know, the current of Android is Marshmallow.


5. Keep yourself up-to-date with latest app trends

Both the market needs and consumers requirements keep on varying with time. Specifically, users’ behavior is the key driver that motivates a user in downloading an app. However, to shape the behavior of users in using any particular app, it is imperative that your app is based according to the ongoing trends in the app market. For instance, the need for enterprise apps is burgeoning, and soon those applications will outstrip the development capacity in the distant future. This means, embracing enterprise mobile app development will help you in generating good revenue.


6. Plan your development cost

We know that Android is an open source platform, and so you don’t need to invest much in developing an Android app, unlike Apple. But, you’ll require shelling out some money to meet complex needs of your app. Therefore, you must know about your development budget in advance.


7. Serve a distinguished app model

It’s a well-known fact that people easily get bored and constantly look for something new. Hence, you should focus on creating something that offers a unique and out-of-the-box experience to users. In short, you must create an app with distinguished features that aren’t available on any other Android mobile app. Ideally, your application must serve a different purpose as it will help capture your user’s interest and will encourage them in downloading your app.


8. Add onboarding screens

You might have successfully developed a great app that helps in attracting a lot of users. But, the biggest challenge is to keep your users engaged with the app. But remember, any user who is checking your Android app for the first time will need some assistance in understanding what your app is all about. And, if users fail to understand the purpose of the application, they will start searching for some other app. However, adding onboarding screens to your app will help users know what they can do and what they can’t. Such screens basically tell people how to use an app, or how they move around the app interface and so on.


9. Keep things simple yet attractive

Offering simplified app experience has become the need of the hour. Put it simply, you must build a straightforward and intuitive app. That’s because, first-time users will stay away from using your app unless it offers them a super easy way to move easily throughout the application. However, make sure not to make your app design too bland or else it will lose interest among users.


10. Create marketing strategy to make the app go “viral”

Before launching your app, you must think of a marketing plan that helps in creating a buzz about the application. Of course, you cannot expect your target audience to notice your app among millions of other Android applications. Also, make sure to prepare your marketing strategy at the right time.



Here we discussed 10 of the most critical factors that can help turn your app development venture into a successful one.

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