The increasing use of mobile phone has changed the way users access and communicate information online. In today’s mobile-dominated the world, mobile devices (especially Smartphones) are becoming our primary gateway to connect to the web world. You can measure the ever-increasing growing use of mobile by observing eMarketer report that concludes, “the mobile-only Internet users will reach to more than 30 million users in 2016.”

Irrespective of how important a mobile has become in the consumer life, many business organizations are still struggling to adapt their business to mobile. Also, some mobile app development companies seem to be showing uncaring behavior towards mobile as they outsource their work to under-resourced service providers in a bid to save development cost.


Be wary, strengthening your presence on mobile is crucial to engage with potential customers. Most important of all, you must create mobile experiences keeping customer needs and expectations in mind. Doing so, will help you solidify your position in the growing mobile market.

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Let us talk about some key factors that will help you optimize the mobile experience that is essential for generating enough revenue:

1. Not Focusing on Past Experiences Will Act as a Roadblock

The beginning of Internet revolution back in the early 2000’s lead to a lot of confusion and chaos. While companies had some excellent opportunity to make investments online, but a lot of them failed to leverage the opportunity unlike companies like Amazon, DELL, etc. The reason that these firms succeeded was that they invested in improving in their website experience, by adopting technologies such as Voice of the Customer (VoC) research and others. The same is the case with making it big in the mobile ecosystem.


In short, as mobile is becoming the next big thing, companies must put their time and efforts in finding ways that help make mobile experience prosper.

2. Google Recommends Going Mobile-friendly

Last year in the month of April, Google released an update algorithm that penalized sites that were not optimized for mobile devices. For a long time, Google has been encouraging brands to provide customers solutions according to their needs. And, the mobile-friendly update was another attempt made by the search giant to push companies to pay more attention to delivering enhanced mobile experiences to users.


If you are not giving due importance to making your site optimized for mobile, you may lose your search ranking. So, to rank higher in Google search results, it is vital to turn your website design into a mobile-friendly layout.

3. Mobile is a Necessity and Not a Fad

Remember, going mobile is not any passing trend, and instead it is a necessity that is evolving with passing time. In fact, in the coming years having a mobile site won’t be sufficient to expand your presence. In essence, businesses will have to go beyond creating a mobile site to deliver optimal mobile-only experiences.


Make sure to research the web for finding ways that could help you offer better mobile user experience.


Mobile has become an essential component in the mainstream. Also, it is crucial to delivering great mobile experiences to customers to stand apart from the crowd. In this article, you will explore three essential factors that will help you fulfill such an objective efficiently.

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