Mobile apps have become one top favorites of the users and the prime reason for this is because they growing popularity of smartphones that have resulted in the growth. Now the advancement is so much so that internet traffic coming from these mobile devices have surpassed the traffic coming from the desktop.

Users find mobile apps quite useful and the modern mobile applications have made it quite easy for them to browse or carry on the desired task easily. Thecredit goes to the ingenious iOS app developers who have taken mobile app development to a new level.


In this blog we have discussed some of the most useful mobile apps of 2016.

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Boomerang is very entertaining iPad app and has become a hot favorite for the developers. The application run and quickly take around 10 photos together and then it stitches them together and form them into a video of one second that works together.


The app is a product of Instagram, therefore you can share these on your Facebook as well as Instagram account. The app allows you to save the clip for a 4-second loop of the videos.


Pocket is quite an incredible mobile app helps you to save interesting articles that you have come across and as well as make sure to go for offline viewing, but makes sure to display the content in quite a minimalistic yet attractive format, and removing all the extra content from the website. This helps you to save articles that you came by and this will also make sure that you do not miss any of them just because you do not have time to read them.


Adobe Photoshop Fix

It is a free iOS app which is quite important for designers, photographers, as well as the internet meme makers.


It is also an incredible point for beginners. This allows you to explore the layers of Photoshop CC, which is quite an incredible ancillary tool and is also a great editor. This allows you to warp faces, clear all the pictures by removing unwanted people that are in the shot. The best part is that these features are free.


Paper, developed by FiftyThree, is a very useful ipad app, and it is great note-taking app that offers several other handy features. The app has a great design that makes it easy for the users right from making a checklists as well as leaving footnotes on the photos. Whether you are working using your fingers or stylus, both will do and are good. Paper has proved to be quite an refreshing ipad application development.


Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories, is the app which is best for those who are good at Cooking, and they also render you the trends, that offers a selection that is focused on treats, and moreover it is a photo rich app which is for classy people.


All the recipes do have photographs and on the top of the they are for every step, and also render videos. Along with this the app also has the tutorials such as to teach you to beat an egg, make chocolate shavings, and even cut a chicken, etc.

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