High tech devices such as SmartWatches, Google Glass, and fitness bands have now transformed the love for mobile phones into much handier devices putting forth new challenges for mobile app developers to fathom for this new internet stricken ecosystem. Wearables are definitely well received and the traction will eventually grow more, states a Gartner report, states that the shipments of wearables will exceed by 500 million in 2020; and around 35% of the industrial segments will invest in developing for a wearable platform.

Advent of Pebble Time and Apple Watch 2 last year, has created quite a furore when it comes to app development in wearable technology and have paved new ways for professional iOS App Developers as these devices gained a lot traction from the audiences. Undoubtedly, it is deemed fit to be called as the hottest tech gossip and news maker of 2016.


We can see that the technology is growing so leaps and bounds that we have apps developed for various industrial sectors such as Social communication, Fitness, Healthcare, Lifestyle Finance, Hotel and tourism, Enterprise, Travel, and others.

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Here we have discussed the scope of opportunities that one can leverage from wearable apps development in different industries.

Social communication

Wearable technology will now create a revolution is making the connectivity more stronger among people and has definitely extended a new step forward so as to connect to the users on social media platforms. Adding on to the benefit is the voice command system these Wearable devices offer and this also helps them to tackle issues such as size, battery as well as other restrictions that we had on smartphones.



Healthcare is the industrial sector that has the largest share of wearable apps in the market. We have several wearable devices as well as sensors that gather data quite accurately and deliver them in real-time. Nowadays we can make use of wearable apps to know our blood pressure, heartbeat rate, burned calories, running speed and even the number of steps walked and ample lot of other clinical data.



Fitness industries have been quite forthright to adopt the wearable technological trend. Nowadays there is a wide range of wearables, that are designed to track the fitness related activity of the users.



Enterprises can easily monitor their staff using these new Wearable applications as well as devices, this further helps them to boost their productivity and make sure to deliver a social security to their employees. Using these apps the professionals will keep a track of the task performed by their subordinates, avoid obstructions, improve connectivity between the work system as well as the workplace round and along with that helps to do a lot other things.


Lifestyle Finance

Banking and finance is another quite important sector that can leverage benefits from wearables, and these institution can make use of this technology to render their customers service by rendering them app that can help them to check their balance, money transfer, and find out an ATM or local branch in their vicinity.



Though we have several travel mobile apps using which the travelers find out the best eating joints, hotels and places to visit and that too in real-time while they are on a trip, wearable tend to take it one step forward with the help of augmented reality and this helps you to see all the information virtually through your eyes using the new smart glass.


What’s the catch?

There is no gainsaying to the fact that wearables have captured the development space. Therefore it is advised to embrace the technology so as to fulfill our respective business gains. For any further queries related to wearable app development feel free to drop us a line.

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